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Europe Biobank Week 2016

Improved Quality across European Biobanks


Quality of processes and the resulting integrity of samples have an enormous impact on the reliability and reproducibility of scientific research results. Thus, the implementation of biobanking quality standards, as well as the harmonization of sample-related processes across Europe, was one of the main topics at the EBW.
All over Europe, multiple efforts are underway to harmonize biobanking processes in order to achieve comparable and high levels of sample quality and data, and some of these efforts have already been quite successful (bbmri.at and bbmri.de).

For the draft versions of the newly generated standards, ISO/TC 276 and ISO/TC 212, preanalytical conditions and actions for biobanking processes have already been taken into consideration. In addition, the results of the BBMRI-guided QM working groups were presented during the meeting in Vienna. The groups benefit from the participation of several experts from different national nodes who bring their expertise in standards development to the table. These results will directly complement the ISO standards drafts.

In the context of collection and downstream processing, there is an essential need to define standardized preanalytical workflows. The implementation of these workflows will minimize negative influences on sample quality and on the respective results of subsequent "omics" analyses. Lively and productive discussions following the oral presentations as well as during poster sessions and coffee breaks made the EBW an inspiring and informative event.

Dr. Sabrina Schmitt
BioMaterialBank Heidelberg (BMBH)

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14. Jahrestagung DGKL

11.-14.10.2017, Oldenburg

Global Biobank Week

13.-15.09.2017, Stockholm (SE)