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Europe Biobank Week 2016

Meeting Highlights: IT

From the IT perspective, this year's EBW covered three key topics closely connected with BBMRI-ERIC's Common Service IT. The first of these is the linkage of various sources of information, including the biobanks. In this regard and in times characterized by big data, the topic of standardization and harmonization is becoming increasingly important for merging heterogeneous databases. This goes beyond mere data formatting, encompassing quality indicators and comprehensible descriptions of procedures for handling samples and/or data as well. Secondly, the annotated list of relevant software products for the biobanking sector at http://biobankapps.com/ should be mentioned. This makes finding potentially relevant open source tools, such as LIMS systems, significantly easier. The French and Austrian BBMRI nodes are working on making this software list available, and it will be a part of CS IT soon. A third key topic is the searchability of specimens stored in biobanks. CS IT is already on the way in the direction of a sample locator in order to enable more detailed searches than are allowed by, for example, a national biobank registry on the basis of aggregated data. As an interim step in this direction, there will be a sample negotiator, which is to be rolled out in late 2016.


Dr. Murat Sariyar

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14. Jahrestagung DGKL

11.-14.10.2017, Oldenburg

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