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Coordination:   Prof. Roland Jahns (Würzburg) 


The aim of this project is to develop strategic concepts for effective public relations to convey a positive and transparent appearance, especially in terms of its social and ethical aspects of the biobanking in Germany. This is an important prerequisite to achieve broad acceptance of biobanks in the public consciousness, and thus to establish biobanks as relevant infrastructure for biomedical research in Germany and Europe.


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In order to achieve this aim three strands of activities will be pursued:


  1. As a basis for communication of the theme biobanks in Germany a target group and needs analysis is carried out. Consequential Key messages are formulated and an action plan is developed which will be implemented in pilot projects first. The result is a communication concept with action plan with the corresponding resource requirements.


  1. GBN is to be established as a central contact for the various target groups in the field of biobanking in Germany. In this context, the GBN brand is to be developed with a corporate design as well as print materials and a website. The identification of the relevant stakeholder groups and their targeted approach in these media is the conceptual objective of this task.


  1. The development of patient information and data protection concepts is to be supported in collaboration with the task force "ethics" and the working group "biomaterial" of TMF. New technological developments should particularly be taken into account as well as developments in other collaborative research projects as the DZGs, the National Cohort, the cBMBs and should be included in an overall concept.


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Global Biobank Week

13.-15.09.2017, Stockholm (SE)

14. Jahrestagung DGKL

11.-14.10.2017, Oldenburg