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Coordination:   Prof. Peter Schirmacher (Heidelberg) - tissue-biobanking

             PD Dr. Dr. Michael Kiehntopf (Jena) - liquid-biobanking


The aim of this project is to develop a detailed concept for the Biobank Quality Management (QM) for body fluids ("liquid biobanking") and body tissues ("tissue biobanking").


Due to the congruence of central quality control processes in the liquid- and tissue biobanking, tasks for both types of biological samples are basically identical. Nevertheless, a different expertise is needed for the various biomaterials. This is why the task of tissue and liquid are first processed separately  in two sub-projects. For the compilation of the results an overall concept with the associated process descriptions will be created.


Photos: Thomas M. Pieruschek


In order to assess the quality of biomaterials in the context of the use in national and international research projects, biobanks need a transparent quality management system that meets the needs of researchers, industrial partners, and not least the organizations promoting justice. In this project, German biobanks - especially those listed in the German Biobankenregister – are invited to participate actively in this project. In particular, large, representative biobanks, including cBMBs / M4 biobanks, the National Cohort and the German Centers for Health Research (DZGs) are encouraged to participate actively for example by providing their SOPs.


The inventory of SOP catalog is complemented by the visit of some biobanks to gain an estimate of the real practical operation and to measure the extent of variability in the processes. The objective is that SOPs are available which cover all the key steps of a biobank for all types of biomaterials with a focus on the quality of biological samples. These include general SOPs for the acquisition, pre-analytical processing and for storage of biomaterials. In particular, the QM of the National Cohort will accompany this SOP consolidation closely so finally recommendations for the liquid- and tissue biobanking can be formulated by the German Biobank Node.




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Global Biobank Week

13.-15.09.2017, Stockholm (SE)

14. Jahrestagung DGKL

11.-14.10.2017, Oldenburg