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New Declaration of Tapei on ethical considerations in Health Databases and Biobanks published


This month, the WMA adopted the Declaration of Tapei on ethical considerations in Health Databases and Biobanks at the 67th WMA General Assembly, in Taipei, Taiwan (October 2016).

The WMA adopted this Declaration as a complementary tool to the Declaration of Helsinki as modified in 2013 taking into account the need for the medical profession to have guidance about how to ethically approach the rapidly growing agendas of health databases and biobanks.

This Declaration is intended to cover the collection, storage and use of identifiable data and biological material beyond the individual care of patients. The Declaration of Tapei fixes rules for protecting individuals' rights in research biobanks and health databases through transparent and accountable governance mechanisms and arrangements. In particular, the Declaration of Taipei admits the practice of broad consent under certain conditions ensuring good governance of the samples and data (conditional broad consent). Generally, according to the WMA, "It is hoped the final guidance will benefit both the medical and wider research communities, as well as all those affected by such research by avoiding possible abuse or endangering the trust of those whose data is held".


As complementary information, you will find here an impact assessment of the second contribution that has been sent to the WMA during the second round of public consultation (September 2016) with annotations regarding the taking in account (or not) of the comments we formulated.


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